Please find below a comprehensive list of my publications, where the colour boxes in front of each publication follow the DBLP colour scheme. Indexed publications are also listed on, DBLP, Google Scholar, Research Gate, Scopus, and WoS.

  • Accepted for Publication
  •    J. Soldani, R. Amadini, A. Brogi, S. Forti, S. Giallorenzo, P. Plebani, M. Vitali, G. Zavattaro. Towards Sustainbale Deployment of Microservices over the Cloud-IoT Continuum, with FREEDA. FRAME 2024, accepted for publication.
  •    A. Bakhtin, X. Li, J. Soldani, A. Brogi, T. Cerny, D. Taibi. Tools Reconstructing Microservice Architecture: A Systematic Mapping Study. AMP 2023, accepted for publication.
  •    A. Bocci, A. Brogi, G. Cugola, S. Forti, L. Mottola, V. Pilloni, S. Romano, J. Soldani, E. Usai. Towards Enabling Observability of Energy Demand, with NEST. FRAME 2024, accepted for publication.
  • 2013
  •    A. Brogi, J. Soldani. Matching Cloud Services with TOSCA. 12th International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination Languages and Self Adaptive systems (FOCLASA 2013).